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Here, there and everywhere, the original humans were hairy beings. Thank God we have evolved and shed all that hair… at least most of us. Although we have gotten rid of most of the body hair we used to have some still remains. This is found mostly on the top of our heads and in a couple other places. For the sake of this article I want to focus on the head hair.

The hair on our head as well as the lack of, is very important. People use their hair as a way to express themselves, to feel good about themselves. Attraction has a lot to do with hair. So hair care should be very important to all of us. Even those who have dreadlocks need to have proper hair maintenance. If they didn’t they wouldn’t have dreads…simply put.thanks picard

How can we make sure our hair looks the best it can, always? There are basic steps and tips that everyone should know. They are general and may not apply to everyone but you can’t please everyone!

Basic Hair Care Steps

Personally I dislike shampoos and conditioners filled with chemicals. I’m talking sulfates baby! These chemicals although not life threatening definitely are not the best for our skin or the environment. There are many shampoos made using only natural ingredients that have no harmful chemicals. The only negative thing I can say about them is that they may not lather as well as a brand name salon shampoo. I can live with that and if it means I am using a safer product I’m happy.

For years I never used conditioner. I never understood its purpose but I am no longer ignorant. Conditioner doesn’t lather like shampoo but what it does do is goes into your hair follicles and moisturizes your hair from the inside out. My personal technique is to use a large comb to comb the conditioner into my hair starting at the root. From there continue to the ends of your hair. Depending on your hair type and the amount of moisture you require leave the conditioner in your hair for a period of time and then wash it out. There are some companies making leave in conditioner. I don’t have too much experience with these types but I have heard great things about them!hair square

Shampooing more than 3 times in a week can have bad effects on your locks too. I have heard of people who put baby powder in their hair to keep it from getting too oily between washings. Everyone has their own techniques. You can also crack an egg in your hair. The proteins found in the egg can strengthen the strands. Personally I’d rather scramble them.

You should also try and stay away from overusing hair appliances that use heat like a hair dryer or straightener. They can fry your hair and drain its strength. So even though you’ll be looking good your hair will be feeling bad. If you are not short on time air drying your hair is probably your best bet.

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