“Why do Americans love guns?”


“Why do Americans love guns?”

This is a question which is asked fairly often, especially after an awful mass-shooting of some kind takes place. Many times, people are quick to blame politicians, musicians, businessmen, bureaucratic clerks, God – everyone but themselves, really.

Americans love guns, because in a very plain and simple way, firearms represent our freedom. It is how we gained our freedom from the Brits, and it is how we have sustained this freedom. Now, it is true that there have been times when we have been very eager to share this freedom. So eager, in fact, that we have even gone ahead, and have brought freedom in times and places where it was uncalled for.


The Second Amendment to the Constitution is one which many people cling to, even though they may not give a good damn about the rest of the bill of rights or the constitution. But just try and take that AR-15 out of their hands, and see where that gets you.

I have nothing against weapons and firearms. I believe in self defense. I believe that people should have that choice, and I am proud to live in a place which still allows civilians to remains armed, even with a rising annual death toll. We need a lot more education and gun control, I agree, but we cannot ban them all and revoke what has been given. Otherwise, it is not a right, but merely a temporary privilege. Is that what we want? It is not what I want.

22-rifleAmericans love guns and so does Gunivore, because it’s part of our heritage. Is it a great heritage? Some would say yes, others would disagree. There is a lot to the American way of life (if such a thing really does exist), and part of that is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Part of what makes Americans happy is a semi-automatic assault rifle in their night table.

Who is to say what is appropriate and what is not? Are we really all at that place where weapons are no longer needed, and where a few rotten apples are holding up this utopian society that would exist, if it were not for a few people with guns? No, we are most certainly not there yet. Gun laws do need to change, I agree, but there is a way to go about it. I am not a gun nut, nor am I a blind pacifist. I believe that guns have a big place in American life, because it has always been a part of that life. Once we do accept the fact that these are tools of death and destruction; once we are able to really and truly all get along in peace; once there is some harmonious co-existence – that is when the guns will have to be forever banned, just like in Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind. Except for sports. I suppose I would still love to go trap shooting every now and then.

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