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mexico 1 My bags are packed and I am ready to hit the road – that road being Mexico. I arrived at Mexico
City airport mid-afternoon one September afternoon. This was a few years ago now but I
remember it like it was yesterday. I arrived, picked up my bags and left that airport ready to take
on the world. The funny thing was I had this innate feeling that I had been there before, like it
was a home I once knew, but I had never been to Mexico, not even as a child with my family on
a family vacation. So where did that familiar feeling come from? Either way, I remember feeling
so at home there, that I integrated ever so quickly.
I lived in Mexico for one year exactly. I had always wanted to go. I remember thinking about it
for over a period of at least 5 years and eventually I just bit the bullet and went for it. I originally
had decided to go traveling but what ended up happening was I ended up doing a work
exchange program where-by I would teach in a private school in exchange for board, some
yummy home-cooked Mexican food and a small wage (like pocket money throughout the week).
It turned out to be a life-changing experience and I highly recommend getting involved with
exchange programs (after researching the best and most-safest ones of course).
The great thing about this school is that they were open to some of my suggestions in subject
teaching. I would teach throughout the day and I would also teach privately after-school for
extra pocket money so to speak. Even though Mexico was quite cheap, there were always more
interesting things to buy and experiences to have – one being Frida Kahlo’s house – wfrida 1hich is a
place I wanted to spend a lot of my time when I wasn’t working. I used to teach a group of teens
once a week. We would play various English teaching games as I found that learning through fun
kind of stuck! I remember one class I taught was all on natural products. Being a fan of natural
products myself anyhow, we discussed talking about our favorite natural products and what we
use them for and which ones we liked and didn’t like. One of my students was a big fan of Tea
Tree oil and yes they have Tea Tree oil in Mexico. She proceeded to tell us how she was using a
Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner regularly and all the ways it changed her hair for the better.

This was a descriptive word class, focusing on the use of adjectives and comparison use of
language. It worked really well talking about our favorite natural products and not only was it a
great English class, we also all walked away with a new natural product shopping list.
After my student had described her use of her favorite shampoo and conditioner – that being
the Tea Tree oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only had she scored an A in her language
development but had sold me on my next shampoo and conditioner to buy list that’s for sure!
Mexico was full of funny stories shared, great teaching lessons both learnt and given, a grasp of
new cultural understandings and ultimately what had felt like a life-long dream attained. A year
that shall never be forgotten!

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