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Firstly – drones are amazing devices for the energy sector due to their unique abilities as inspection tools. Due to their low cost, low-power consumption and easy maneuverability, engineers and inspectors can use them to get macro close-ups and high angle aerial shots with the flick of  thumb and a tiny motor or two.nuclear power plants

When you consider the size and scale of a nuclear power plant, a solar power station or even an oil rig, one can only imagine how handy a tiny hand-operated flying camera would be! Plus, insurance companies would love the fact that they could reduce general worker risk and therefore lower the risk of danger; in-turn lowering general administrative health costs of the businesses itself.

Speculation: looking forward, perhaps they could be used to bolster energy in their own way – drones as a viable source of energy?

In other news though, tech companies are probably starting to realize that disaster relief is a great way to cover tax deductions and in turn have taken it upon themselves to fulfill somewhat of a ‘moral debit’ to those in need or afflicted by crisis in the modern age. The recent example of Tesla delivering free, off-the-grid power to a hospital in Puerto Rico is a good case of private entities catering to the needs of these people. While the charity work may be viable in small scale or ‘essential’ efforts like this, rebuilding the total grid has been estimated at costing roughly $5 Billion.

So while I do think that tech companies and start-ups/NGO’s will be able to do a lot more for people affected by power troubles over the course of the future.

As battery technology becomes more efficient at holding electricity through enhanced chemical structuring and tsolar fieldhe installation of lighter, more effective panels becomes more common place in the future, we will be able to get more out of renewable and ‘clean energy’ sources. Cheaper, cleaner, better energy seems to be the word of the day as we move forward. Everything from solar power, wind and tidal power to biofuel, hydrogen and natural gas are on the table as we grow into an ever-changing world that seems to quicken at an exponential rate and on a daily basis.

I think that using solar power for energy is one of the best ways to harness the sun’s energy in this power. I love seeing houses that have solar panels on their roofs. It’s so cool that we can use the elements as a way to create energy. I don’t know why it has taken so long to figure out how to do this, but now that we know how I feel like every county that has a significant amount of sun, should be using this as the way that they get energy. We’re in the 21st century. Looking after our planet should be of top priority. It’s cool that they use wind as another way to harness natural energy. It’s already there so why wouldn’t we use it.


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