Good Habits for Your 40s

I would recommend that you exercise at least 2-3 times a week, but if that’s too much, even doing so once a weekend is good enough. But that’s really on the lowest, most basic end of what you should be … Continue Reading →

Green Energy Expert

Firstly – drones are amazing devices for the energy sector due to their unique abilities as inspection tools. Due to their low cost, low-power consumption and easy maneuverability, engineers and inspectors can use them to get macro close-ups and high … Continue Reading →

The Shuk at Night

The shuk in Jerusalem is an outdoor, grocery store type of market by day. but at night, that’s when the real scene picks up. No longer are there people cutting up fish or selling fruits and vegetables. No, the main … Continue Reading →

Batman Our Favorite Hero

20-25% of all mammals are bats. That is one crazy fact, and when I became aware of that I found a new respect for them. My initial thought was that the most mammals had to be rodents. It fits, doesn’t … Continue Reading →

Mexico And More

My bags are packed and I am ready to hit the road – that road being Mexico. I arrived at Mexico City airport mid-afternoon one September afternoon. This was a few years ago now but I remember it like it … Continue Reading →

Tresemme Hair Products

Tresemme, tresemme mucho… I won’t ever see that name without thinking of that song. They are bound together in my brain. Well, anyway. This is a small ditti about the hair products made by tresemme. They have a long and … Continue Reading →

Joico For The Blond

When you’re blonde, the first and foremost thing in your mind is almost definitely going to be whether or not your current activity will ruin your hair. It does not matter whether or not you are a bottle blonde or … Continue Reading →

“Why do Americans love guns?”

“Why do Americans love guns?” This is a question which is asked fairly often, especially after an awful mass-shooting of some kind takes place. Many times, people are quick to blame politicians, musicians, businessmen, bureaucratic clerks, God – everyone but … Continue Reading →

Pretty Lavender

Lavender is one of the prettiest herbs, in my opinion. And this is not only my opinion, you can bet on that. In fact, it is such a beautiful plant, that it merited a color of its very own. A … Continue Reading →

Take Care Of Your Hair

Here, there and everywhere, the original humans were hairy beings. Thank God we have evolved and shed all that hair… at least most of us. Although we have gotten rid of most of the body hair we used to have … Continue Reading →

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